Protect your website and your customers with reCAPTCHA Enterprise

Protect your website and your customers with reCAPTCHA Enterprise

With web traffic surging dramatically, the significance of online fraud detection is greater than ever. Billions of logins are attempted with stolen credentials and hackers can post false comments or commit fraudulent transactions on any unprotected website. However, an effective solution must focus equally on detection and prevention to mitigate attacks and block new threats.

ReCAPTCHA Enterprise helps protecting websites from fraudulent transactions and false posts while allowing legitimate users to interact with the website without interruption. The solution by Google Cloud learns by monitoring real traffic on the company’s website. With machine learning it assigns a score to each request based on how likely it is legitimate. Based on this companies can choose to take actions on the request or let it through.

Learn the benefits and protect your website

ReCAPTCHA Enterprise was built to help mitigate fraudulent online activity for enterprises. It can be installed on any web page to keep fraudulent actors away from the company’s online business.

  • Trusted security technology

Through an adaptive risk analysis engine reCAPTCHA Enterprise can keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on the site. Google has been defending millions of sites with reCAPTCHA for over a decade, and reCAPTCHA Enterprise is built on the existing reCAPTCHA API. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to distinguish between humans and bots.

  • Seamless experience for valid users

Helps to detect abusive traffic on the company’s website without any user friction. Using a score-based detection system, the countermeasures rely on detailed data about online activity in order to stop bots and other automated attacks while letting valid users in.

  • Designed for the enterprise

Offers unique capabilities built specifically for the enterprise. Security teams benefit from enhanced detection such as extra granular scores, reason codes for high-risk scores, and the ability to tune the risk analysis engine to the site’s specific needs.

‘Besides malicious attacks companies can get targeted through paid attacks which aim to overwhelm the login servers and the standard security systems in place. As a result, internal metrics and statistics become useless while unwanted latency can be experienced by the end user. ReCAPTCHA Enterprise acts as a deterrent for such attacks initiated by the competition or any third-party, offering an easy to use and all-in-one solution’, explains Cosmin Constantin Popa, Google Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer at Noventiq.

From scores to action

ReCAPTCHA Enterprise returns a score based on interactions with the websites, with 1.0 being a likely good interaction and 0.0 being a likely abusive action. In addition to scores, reCAPTCHA Enterprise returns reason codes that can help in taking the right action. For example, if the reason indicates an automated bot, companies might throttle the request or send posts to the moderators. Based on the reCAPTCHA Enterprise score, companies can take action in the context of the relevant site. With a low score, the website can require two-factor authentication or email verification among other methods in order to allow a user to continue.

Reliable solution, frictionless experience

When reCAPTCHA Enterprise is deployed in the company’s environment, it interacts with the customer backend/server and customer web pages running on third-party clouds, on-premises, and Google Cloud. It also supports mobile as well as web applications.

Ask our experts

Ask for Noventiq’s Google team to find out how reCAPTCHA Enterprise can help you protect your business. Google experts at Noventiq provides long-term strategical approach towards security that evolves with attack patterns. With full services and assistance, including consulting, advisory, implementation, customer service, continuous updates your IT environment will be built according to your specific needs.